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I have a multi-module maven build for an enterprise project structured like this:

-- Parent
  -- Documentation
  -- Child1
    -- src/main/java
    -- src/main/assembly/assembly.xml
    -- pom.xml
  -- Child2 
    -- src/main/java
    -- src/main/assembly/assembly.xml
    -- pom.xml
-- pom.xml (parent project)

Child1 creates a war then the assembly downloads jetty and adds the 2 together in a zip.

Child 2 creates a jar and Tanuki service scripts then the assembly zips them all up.

I want to add these 2 zips and the contents of the Documentation folder to a single zip to give to my clients.

To that end I have added a third module to do the assembly of assemblies.

The assembly.xml looks like this:

    <assembly xmlns=""

          <!-- Enable access to all projects in the current multi-module build! -->

          <!-- Now, select which projects to include in this module-set. -->

The first part gets the Documentation into the zip OK but the binaries section doesn't work. If I don't specify the includes in the binaries section I end up with the jar and the war in my final zip. I don't want these in my final zip as they are in the child zips.

How can I get the child zips into the final zip?

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