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I have saved the result of weka classification by right clicking on the model and selecting "save model". Now, I want to load it and work with in my "JAVA" application. How can I do that? Models could be Naive bias, Decision tree and regression. I need to use these three models.

Any suggestion or solution would be appreciated.


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Here is an example assuming you have a RandomTree model saved to a model.weka file (change to whatever classifier and file you have)

RandomTree treeClassifier = (RandomTree) SerializationHelper.read(new FileInputStream("model.weka")));
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If you saved a model to a file in WEKA, you can use it reading the generated java object. Here is an example with Random Forest classifier (previously saved to a file in WEKA):

RandomForest rf = (RandomForest) (new ObjectInputStream(PATH_TO_MODEL_FILE)).readObject();

Do not forget imports:

import weka.core.Instance;
import weka.core.Instances;
import weka.core.Attribute;
import weka.core.FastVector;
import weka.classifiers.trees.RandomForest;
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