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I wrote a program with Scala. In a default constructor I have these lines.

private val url = new URL("http://www.  **  .xml")   //  throws  UnknownHostException
private val conn = url.openConnection
private val doc = XML.load(conn.getInputStream)

As you know if you have Internet communication problems may be thrown Exception.

I tried several ways to write these lines in try/catch block . But every time it shows me other compilation errors elsewhere in the class, in places where I use these variables.

Of course I wrote them inside a block, I defined the variables as public.

Can someone write me an example of how to do it correctly?

I might not be specific enough, but I did not know what exactly to explain because I do not know where exactly is the problem.

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Using pattern matching for the try/catch block is the idiomatic way to approach this in Scala.

import scala.xml.XML
  val url = new URL("http://www. ** .xml")
  val conn = url.openConnection 
  val doc = XML.load(conn.getInputStream)
  case uhe:UnknownHostException => println(uhe)
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i try But I have problems compiling where I use doc – user1957061 Jan 8 '13 at 7:12
Then you have to make doc available outside of the scope of the try block. The quick and dirty way to do this is to initialize it like this var doc:Elem = null then it gets reassigned in the try block and is accessible outside of it. Note using Option in Scala is preferable to null. – Brian Jan 8 '13 at 7:18
Now I have other problems But thanks this helped me – user1957061 Jan 8 '13 at 7:37
@user1957061, if you find this answer useful, feel free to follow the local customs and upvote it by clicking on the up arrow on its left side. Moreover, if an answer solved your problem, you may accept it by clicking on the check mark icon. – Péter Török Jan 8 '13 at 11:05

This might be an improvement:

import scala.xml.XML

val doc =
  try {
    val url = new URL("")
    val conn = url.openConnection
  catch {
    case ex: Exception => Left(ex)

doc match {
  case Right(xmlDoc) => // Do stuff with the doc XML
  case Left(ex)      => // Do error stuff with the exception
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