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I wanted to know the method for retrieving all available pids in windows through tcl coding. This is I need for killing process based on if it available or not?. Thanking you. code:

proc stopprogressbar {} {
  variable n_progressWinPid;
  if {[info exists n_progressWinPid]} {
    if {$n_progressWinPid > 0} {
      if {[lsearch [GETALLPIDS] $n_progressWinPid] >= 0} {
        catch {exec [auto_execok taskkill] /PID $n_progressWinPid}
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twapi::get_process_ids returns all PIDs on a Windows system. You have to package require twapi first.

If you're using ActiveTcl, run C:\Tcl\bin\teacup.exe install twapi (or wherever you installed Tcl) in a command prompt to get TWAPI. It may even be included by default in newer ActiveTcl versions, I don't know.

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yep... this is what I was looking for.. And I used the same package. – OliveOne Jan 9 '13 at 9:54

It seems your goal is to kill a process if exists. How about killing it any way, without checking?

package require Tclx;           # For the kill command
catch {kill $n_progressWinPid}; # Kill the process

Other commands in the Tclx package which you might find useful:

id process;        # Get PID for this process
id process parent; # Get PID for the parent of this process
wait ?many options? pid; # Wait for a process

Please look up help for the Tclx package for more information.

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That is true that I want to kill the process ultimately, but in main programm I want to check if pid (n_progressWinPid) exists or not. This is for if that pid does not exists then stop the main process otherwise continue. (main process is not jut single loop) – OliveOne Jan 8 '13 at 7:56
@OliveOne Checking if a process exists is best done with looking for the directory /proc/$thepid or by running the system program ps with the right options (e.g., exec ps -p $thepid). Alas, these are all non-portable for historical reasons. – Donal Fellows Jan 8 '13 at 9:44
yes that will work on unix* like os but not on windows. – OliveOne Jan 8 '13 at 10:34

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