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I have a ASP.Net 2.0 website that is currently using a custom MembershipProvider and the standard login control. I would like to replace the login control with the one from DotNetOpenId.

I override the ValidateUser which checks the username and password, but I shouldn't need to implement this when using OpenId.

Is it possible to use OpenId and still have the membership provider available to me to so that I can still use it to access the current logged in user?

Or is it the case the there is need for the using provider model anymore?

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There is no inbuilt provider available. But you can always implement your own provider.

Or you can check out this one available in codePlex.

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One web project template found at has a sample membership provider class that works with dotnetopenid, although you should probably do a review of it before using it in production... the last time I checked the source code it needed a bit of work.

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Vote for a better membership provider interface that works with OpenID:… – Andrew Arnott Feb 18 '10 at 4:19

This is the premier .NET OpenID library, by Andrew Arnott, MSFT employee:

Not sure about integration with Membership.

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