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I have created a webtest using VSTS 2010. There is a scenario where the webtest uploads the file in a form. But when i run the webtest it gives an error message:

Request failed: Could not find file 'C:\Users\documents\visual studio 2010\Projects\TestResults\TESTING 2013-01-07 08_15_05\Out\html.html'.

I am using trial version of VSTS 2010 ultimate.

I have searched on Google regarding this issue. It was mentioned in a website to use file upload-plugin. My question is does this plugin works with trial version of VSTS 2010? If yes then please provide me the concerned list, it will be helpful for me.

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Add the file as a deployment item

Local Setting > Deployment > enable deployment > Add File

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I tried same steps

Local Setting > Deployment > enable deployment > Add File

Still getting same issue, only thing i am running application in remote execution mode and can see error in one of Agent machine, although other dll and plugins are getting copied on path only PDF files i added in deployment are not copied.

Is any other setting I am missing here?

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You have to add that required file as deployment item so that automatically it will take file and you issue will resolve.

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