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M trying to get haproxy stick implementation to work using cookie set response by server as look-up value.

Here's snippet of haproxy conf


backend bk

stick-table type string len 36 size 1m

stick store-response set-cookie(Server-Token)

stick match url_param(token)

server db01 maxconn 5 check inter 60000

server db02 maxconn 5 check inter 60000


Server sets the cookie and clients stick to corresponding server based on this cookie val as part of request-response via haproxy.

This is not working as expected.While stick "store-response" with "src" as fetch method works.

Kindly help out.

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I just tried your config and it works perfectly here with dev17. I'm assuming you're having a "defaults" section since your backend doesn't even have the http mode specified. Would you please post it ? I think that the issue is there.

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Thnx a lot willy !!! , tht works like a charm.http mode was the missing part. –  YogeshORai Jan 8 '13 at 15:29
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