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I'm trying to use LongListSelectorItem in my wp7 app. But I cant find it in my assembly. So, i downloaded example from here. In example all works fine, and I can use LongListSelectorItem in that project. But in my project, in Microsoft.Phone.Controls.Toolkit there is no LongListSelectorItem, only LongListSelector. So, I removed my assemply Microsoft.Phone.Controls.Toolkit, and added Microsoft.Phone.Controls.Toolkit exactly from that example. But even after this - there is no LongListSelectorItem in assemly. I thought, it because of that I'm develop WP7.1 app, not WP8. But, when I created new WP8 project and add assemly from example - LongListSelectorItem wasn't there. I can't understand where is a problem, assembly has LongListSelectorItem, but when I add it to my project - LongListSelectorItem disappear.

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The example uses Windows Phone Toolkit (formerly Silverlight Phone Toolkit), you should add it to your project.

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Thank you very much! –  user1947702 Jan 8 '13 at 8:31

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