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I am just confused like how can I break cmd=3222823425 value into different parts to figure out what this command means actually in the Linux kernel. I know, some functions are making ioctl command with following parameters but I want to know what these parameter values mean.

fd=21, cmd=3222823425 and arg=3203118816 

I have been looking into various forums, man pages and other links to figure this out like what does it mean when a cmd in an ioctl system call has value of 3222823425. I have found that cmd is a command number which consists of type, number and data_type and first twos are 8-bit integers (0-255).

So my question is how to decode these parameter values to find out what this call is trying to do?

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If somebody wants more detailed answer to this question, [here][1] it is. [1]:… – Junaid Jan 15 '13 at 7:54
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According to this link, ioctl command number has multiple components:

  • type. The magic number.This field is _IOC_TYPEBITS bits wide (usually 8)
  • number. The ordinal (sequential) number. It's _IOC_NRBITS bits wide. (usually 8)
  • direction. The direction of data transfer. The possible values are _IOC_NONE (no data transfer), _IOC_READ, _IOC_WRITE, and _IOC_READ|_IOC_WRITE (data is transferred both ways). It's usually 2 bits.
  • size. The size of user data involved. It's _IOC_SIZEBITS wide (14 bits).

You should consult include/asm/ioctl.h and Documentation/ioctl-number.txt for your kernel to see the actual configuration.

For your case 3222823425==0xC0186201


  • type==0xC0
  • number==0x18
  • direction==0x1
  • size==0x2201

(6 in bits is 0110, so the size is the first two bits(01), the remaining bits are put in data_type, which remains 0x2201)

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thanks. I was just confused with the bits division among components and your answer was helpful. =) – Junaid Jan 8 '13 at 9:29
You got the order of fields wrong. See other answer. – ugoren Aug 21 '13 at 8:16

Beware to refer to the right documentation to understand how to decode an ioctl command. Documentation/ioctl-number.txt explanes how to create a new ioctl code, while the document linked in the previous answer gives an overview of the overall process before focusing on ioctl creation as well. asm/ioctl.h is a better source, because an ioctl actual masking may vary across different architectures, but an explanation of the general convention and bitfields meaning and position can be found in include/asm-generic/ioctl.h and Documentation/ioctl-decoding.txt.

From the latter:

 bits     meaning
 31-30     00 - no parameters: uses _IO macro
           10 - read: _IOR
           01 - write: _IOW
           11 - read/write: _IOWR

 29-16  size of arguments

 15-8   ascii character supposedly
        unique to each driver

 7-0    function #

According to the above, cmd=3222823425 should decode as:

3222823425 -> 0xC0186201 -> 11000000000110000110001000000001

- `direction`   ->  `11`              ->  read/write;
- `size`        ->  `00000000011000`  ->  24 bytes (a pointer to a struct of
                                          this size should  be passed as 3rd
                                          argument of ioctl();
- `type`        ->  `01100010`        ->  0x62, ascii for character 'b';
- `number`      ->  `00000001`        ->  driver function #1.

In the hope this can help. Regards.

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