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Exact duplicate of SO ,Im am trying to use dmtracedump in windows with following command

dmtracedump.exe -h C:\Users\hemanth.m\Desktop\ddms3079126885013841451.trace

and im getting following error

ERROR: unable to read 6085766 bytes from trace file
Cannot read trace.

I changed the augments of dmtracedump command but error still persists . I read previous SO questions dmtracedump doesn't work, HELP! and Android-Command to run dmtracedump . All I understood is that the graph cant be generated in windows system and dmtracedump no more supports -g -h augments except -o .

I desperately wanted to use the graphical representation of call stack in the form of the graph using(graphviz) in windows .

My question is , Is there anything that can be done to dmtracedump to accept -h,-g aurguments ,i mean a patch to this existing tool something like .bat files which links both dmtracedump tool and graphviz . Or tell me the flow diagram to create a patch .

Or how can i use ddms**.trace file to generate a graph of call stack using any other tool directly with or without dmtracedump and graphviz .

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Did you find any solution? I'm also getting the same error.. – vidya sagar Mar 27 '13 at 12:33
@vidyasagar :no in windows .But i heard it works in linux.. try your luck – Imposter Mar 31 '13 at 16:30
To generate a call stack image I ran dmtracedebug -o outfile.png ddms_input.trace but this was on OSX. Make sure you have graphviz installed and added to your PATH. – k2col Mar 25 '14 at 11:05

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