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I'm using

Microsoft.AspNet.Web.Optimization 1.1.0-alpha1 (updated from 1.0.0 - also not working)

in my project. I realize that my script section render very long (whole page rendering is very long). I placed some time logger and ... it is very strange, only


take over ~2 sec! (it contains reference to 2 files, without * char). Section with JQ, JQ UI and JQ Validate render over ~4 sec. Other scripts (my custom scripts) render < 0,1 sec. Where can be a problem? Azure ? Cache on Azure? Someone had a similar problem?

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Are you using a non standard output cache on Azure? There is currently a bug which results in very slow performance as caching becomes disabled. This is a question discussing that issue, which you might be running into: Azure Cache (Preview) OutputCache - High CPU - Slow

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Thanks. That's the problem... I'm using caching 'Co-located Role'. –  Andre K Jan 9 '13 at 7:09

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