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I'm running in problems if i want deploy two webservices with identical serviceName (but different targetNamespace) in one Java EE 6 EJB module.

Here my setup:


  • src/main/java/
    -- de.xx.MyService1.java
    @WebService(targetNamespace="http://de.xx", serviceName="MyService", portName="MyServicePort", wsdlLocation="META-INF/wsdl/MyService1.wsdl")
    -- de.xx.MyService2.java
    @WebService(targetNamespace="http://de.xx.v2", serviceName="MyService", portName="MyServicePort", wsdlLocation="META-INF/wsdl/MyService2.wsdl")

  • src/main/resources/META-INF/wsdl/
    -- MyService1.wsdl (defines MyService with targetNamespace http://de.xx)
    -- MyService2.wsdl (defines MyService with targetNamespace http://de.xx.v2)

Glassfish runns in this error by deployment:

Cannot initialize endpoint : error is :
javax.xml.ws.WebServiceException: WSDL file/my-webservice-ejb.jar/META-INF/wsdl/MyService1.wsdl has the following services [{http://de.xx}MyService] but not {http://de.xx.v2}MyService.
Maybe you forgot to specify a serviceName and/or targetNamespace in @WebService/@WebServiceProvider?

If i split both service EJB's (same code & annotation) in different ejb.jar's (my-webservice1-ejb.jar & my-webservice2-ejb.jar) deployment runs without any problems.

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