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I'm trying to remove white spaces from a string in SQL but LTRIM and RTRIM functions don't seem to work?


[ProductAlternateKey] [nvarchar](25) COLLATE Latin1_General_CS_AS NULL


select REPLACE(ProductAlternateKey, ' ', '@'),
       LTRIM(RTRIM(ProductAlternateKey))      AS LRTrim,
       LEN(LTRIM(RTRIM(ProductAlternateKey))) AS LRLen,
       ASCII(RIGHT(ProductAlternateKey, 1))   AS ASCIIR,
       ASCII(LEFT(ProductAlternateKey, 1))    AS ASCIIL,
from DimProducts
where ProductAlternateKey  like '46783815%'


|  46783815 |        8 | 46783815|     8|   53   |   52   |            46783815 |
| 46783815  |        10|46783815  |   10|   10   |   52   |           46783815  |

Can it be other symbols if LTRIM and RTRIM are not working, like "Enter"?

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Using ASCII(RIGHT(ProductAlternateKey, 1)) you can see that the right most character in row 2 is a Line Feed or Ascii Character 10.

This can not be removed using the standard LTrim RTrim functions.

You could however use (REPLACE(ProductAlternateKey, CHAR(10), '')

You may also want to account for carriage returns and tabs. These three (Line feeds, carriage returns and tabs) are the usual culprits and can be removed with the following :

LTRIM(RTRIM(REPLACE(REPLACE(REPLACE(ProductAlternateKey, CHAR(10), ''), CHAR(13), ''), CHAR(9), '')))

If you encounter any more "white space" characters that can't be removed with the above then try one or all of the below:

--Horizontal Tab
--Line Feed
--Vertical Tab
--Form Feed
--Carriage Return
--Column Break
--Non-breaking space

This list of potential white space characters could be used to create a function such as :

Create Function [dbo].[CleanAndTrimString] 
(@MyString as varchar(Max))
Returns varchar(Max)
    Set @MyString = Replace(@MyString,CHAR(0),'');
    --Horizontal Tab
    Set @MyString = Replace(@MyString,CHAR(9),'');
    --Line Feed
    Set @MyString = Replace(@MyString,CHAR(10),'');
    --Vertical Tab
    Set @MyString = Replace(@MyString,CHAR(11),'');
    --Form Feed
    Set @MyString = Replace(@MyString,CHAR(12),'');
    --Carriage Return
    Set @MyString = Replace(@MyString,CHAR(13),'');
    --Column Break
    Set @MyString = Replace(@MyString,CHAR(14),'');
    --Non-breaking space
    Set @MyString = Replace(@MyString,CHAR(160),'');

    Set @MyString = LTRIM(RTRIM(@MyString));
    Return @MyString

Which you could then use as follows:

    dbo.CleanAndTrimString(ProductAlternateKey) As ProductAlternateKey
from DimProducts
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You solution is working, because returning 46783815@@, this gonna work always? no matter how many ASCII characters are in string? – Justin Jan 8 '13 at 9:39
It takes into account the usual culprits, so yes you should be OK with this. – DMK Jan 8 '13 at 9:45
Looks like realy working, thank you – Justin Jan 8 '13 at 9:56
I have a data at this link and it's not working , please have a look:… – rohit singh Mar 19 at 12:15

In that case, it isn't space that is in prefix/suffix.
The 1st row looks OK. Do the following for the contents of 2nd row.

ASCII(RIGHT(ProductAlternateKey, 1))


ASCII(LEFT(ProductAlternateKey, 1))
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Thanks your answer was helping me a lot – Justin Jan 8 '13 at 9:56
@shahkalpesh - thanks for this, didn't know about the ASCII function! – Dibstar Jan 8 '13 at 10:25

There may be 2 spaces after the text, please confirm. You can use LTRIM and RTRIM functions also right?


Maybe the extra space isn't ordinary spaces (ASCII 32, soft space)? Maybe they are "hard space", ASCII 160?

ltrim(rtrim(replace(ProductAlternateKey, char(160), char(32))))
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Edited question, dont work – Justin Jan 8 '13 at 9:06

How about this?

CASE WHEN ProductAlternateKey is NOT NULL THEN
CONVERT(NVARCHAR(25), LTRIM(RTRIM(ProductAlternateKey))) 
FROM DimProducts
where ProductAlternateKey  like '46783815%'
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Looks like the invisible character -


Try this

select REPLACE(ProductAlternateKey, ' ', '@')
--type ALT+255 instead of space for the second expression in REPLACE 
from DimProducts
where ProductAlternateKey  like '46783815%'


Edit: Based on ASCII() results, try ALT+10 - use numeric keypad

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Remove new line characters with SQL column data

Update a set  a.CityName=Rtrim(Ltrim(REPLACE(REPLACE(a.CityName,CHAR(10),' '),CHAR(13),' ')))
,a.postalZone=Rtrim(Ltrim(REPLACE(REPLACE(a.postalZone,CHAR(10),' '),CHAR(13),' ')))  
From tAddress a 
inner Join  tEmployees p  on a.AddressId =p.addressId 
Where p.MigratedID is not null and p.AddressId is not null AND
(REPLACE(REPLACE(a.postalZone,CHAR(10),'Y'),CHAR(13),'X') Like 'Y%' OR REPLACE(REPLACE(a.CityName,CHAR(10),'Y'),CHAR(13),'X') Like 'Y%')
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