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I'm approaching to Metro App development in this days, so please be gentle.

I have created a User Control - some buttons and textblocks- that is loaded in every page of my app. I want the texblocks to change dynamically depending on the page selected: for example one of the texblocks of the user control is the page title. How can I accomplish this?

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you can go for a simple code by finding the children of the usercontrol you are adding.

xaml code


add the page like this in say mainpage.xaml:

<newPage:TestPage x:Name="pageNew"></newPage:TestPage>

then from code behind of the mainpage ie mainpage.xaml.cs

public mainpage(){

InitializeComponent(); var newPageContent = pageNew.Content; //here content will give u the immidiete children of usercntrl }

Now you can type cast like (Grid)newPageContent = pageNew.content; var TextBlockFirst = newPageContent.children[0];

and so on :) please check if the suggestion is helpful :)

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