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I'm trying to build Bootstrap from source. It is throwing the following error while I'm trying to run the make command.

Running JSHint on javascript...             â Done
/bin/sh: 1: recess: not found
make: *** [build] Error 127

This is what I've done so far

  1. Clone the bootstrap repository git clone git://github.com/twitter/bootstrap.git
  2. Install npm apt-get intall npm
  3. Install less npm install -g less
  4. Install jshint npm install -g jshint
  5. Install make apt-get install make

What am I missing here?

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You are missing recess, wrapper for less keeping CSS code clean due to the Twitter's code guide.

Just follow the instruction in the README.md file from the Bootstrap sources. See "Developers" section (same info also in official Bootstrap site):

npm install recess connect uglify-js jshint -g
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