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I have a csv file that looks like that:


I would like to plot a stacked graph of it using google chart (week being my x (horizontal) values and values1 and values2 being the two set of y's). Unfortunately, I didn't find any easy way to do so. That probably relates to me being a complete noob in js.

Is there any simple way to do that?

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The jquery-csv library provides the ability to translate a string of csv into an array to be used by google.visualization.arrayToDataTable() (their example here). To make this work, add jquery.csv.js to your server (in the example below I assume it is in the same folder as your HTML) and link to it in your <head>. The following is a simple script you can add to your <head> to get started. I assume a scatter chart, but this process works for any of the charts here. You will also need a <div> with id="chart" for this to work.

// load the visualization library from Google and set a listener
google.load("visualization", "1", {packages:["corechart"]});

// this has to be a global function
function drawChart() {
   // grab the CSV
   $.get("example.csv", function(csvString) {
      // transform the CSV string into a 2-dimensional array
      var arrayData = $.csv.toArrays(csvString, {onParseValue: $.csv.hooks.castToScalar});

      // this new DataTable object holds all the data
      var data = new google.visualization.arrayToDataTable(arrayData);

      // this view can select a subset of the data at a time
      var view = new google.visualization.DataView(data);

     // set chart options
     var options = {
        title: "A Chart from a CSV!",
        hAxis: {title: data.getColumnLabel(0), minValue: data.getColumnRange(0).min, maxValue: data.getColumnRange(0).max},
        vAxis: {title: data.getColumnLabel(1), minValue: data.getColumnRange(1).min, maxValue: data.getColumnRange(1).max},
        legend: 'none'

     // create the chart object and draw it
     var chart = new google.visualization.ScatterChart(document.getElementById('chart'));
     chart.draw(view, options);
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What server side scripting language are you working in (php, asp)?

One option could be to import the data from a spreadsheet saved in Google Drive, see here for a PHP based example of saving and extracting data from Google Docs. This would then enable you to update the spreadsheet and the chart would automatically plot the new data.

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I want to do it entirely client-side (server should only serve the html file and the csv)… – cpa Jan 10 '13 at 16:22

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