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I'm currently trying to code my own portfolio website and struggling to position three text boxes. On my website I would like to have the boxes positioned left, centre and right on the page all in a line.

I have tried different things such as putting each text box in a separate div and trying to position them but they only position below and not next door to each other putting the css rule inline. I have also tried putting the boxes as a list and trying to inline them.

Any ideas?

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Show us the code you're working on and what you've tried – Tom Walters Jan 8 '13 at 9:21

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Try this

<div id="con">
    <div class="float">Hello</div>
    <div class="float">World</div>

And the css

.float { float:left; width:100px; height:100px; background:yellow; }

Check JSFiddle here

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Maybe this

  float: left;
  width: 33%;
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Your html is smth like this:


And the css:

div{width:30%;margin:1%;border:1px solid blue; float:left; height:100px;}

Here is an example:

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have some html like this

<ul class="portfolio">
    <li><input id="txtBox1" type="text"></li>
    <li><input id="txtBox2" type="text"></li>
    <li class="last"><input id="txtBox3" type="text"></li>

and css along the lines of

    margin:10px auto;

.portfolio li{
.portfolio .last{

this is based on a fixed width site, and i'd use an Unordered List <ul> because semantically you have a list of 3 boxes.

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