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On verifying a signature containing UnsignedProperties, I got he following exception:

Caused by: xades4j.xml.unmarshalling.PropertyUnmarshalException: Unsupported properties were found
    at xades4j.xml.unmarshalling.FromXmlUnsupportedUSPLimiter.convertFromObjectTree(
    at xades4j.xml.unmarshalling.FromXmlUnsupportedUSPLimiter.convertFromObjectTree(
    at xades4j.xml.unmarshalling.UnmarshallerModule.convertProperties(
    at xades4j.xml.unmarshalling.DefaultQualifyingPropertiesUnmarshaller.unmarshalProperties(
    at xades4j.verification.XadesVerifierImpl.verify(

Is there an option to just ignore those on verification, instead of throwing the exception?

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The exception is thrown because some of the unsigned properties in your signature are not supported. Currently there's no option to turn that check off, because the signature verification would be incomplete...

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If I wanted to add an implementation for those properties, is there a provider I could implement, or would I need to alter the source-code of xades4j? – Andy Jan 8 '13 at 10:28
You'd need to replace the whole unmarshaller, or change the existing source code to remove the check that is causing the exception. – lgoncalves Jan 8 '13 at 22:46

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