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I am using Jtextpane in my application. I required to add some tags like [PKG-MEDIA] in jtextpane. I want user to not edit this tag, while he can edit other text in jtextpane.

  public static void main(String args[]) {
    JFrame j = new JFrame("Hello!");
    j.setSize(200, 200);
    JTextPane k = new JTextPane();
    k.setFont(new Font("Akshar Unicode Regular", Font.PLAIN, 17));
    k.setText("this is a test code [PKG-MEDIA]. I want to make this tag [PKG-1234] not editable");
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Use DocumentFilter. You can check whether in sert (or remove) is allowed in the position edit happens

See for example this

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To achieve this effect, you need to implement StyledDocument (try to extend DefaultStyledDocument). In there, maintain a list of text sections that aren't editable and refuse to change them inside of insertString() and remove()

For example, when the offset is inside one of the uneditable ranges, just return from insertString() without making a change.

When the user tries to delete text, only remove text around the protected ranges in remove()

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