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I am using FltReadFile function from WDK for reading files. I am able to read only 1kb file. How to read file having more than 1kb?? THank you.

offset.QuadPart = bytesRead = 0;
    status = FltReadFile( Instance,
                          FLTFL_IO_OPERATION_NON_CACHED |
                          NULL );
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You need to show more code. What are the values of length and offset? What status is being returned when you try to read a larger file? –  Carey Gregory Jan 22 '13 at 1:30
value of offset is 0 value of length is 1024 I have set flag FLTFL_IO_OPERATION_DO_NOT_UPDATE_BYTE_OFFSET but still offset is not updating when i try with loop. –  Rohit Jan 22 '13 at 11:13

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You are using the flag FLTFL_IO_OPERATION_DO_NOT_UPDATE_BYTE_OFFSET which tells that do not update the current file position after reading a file (which generally happens).

If this flag is set, the offset parameter suggests to read from specified position by offset in the file.

So in your case, you have specified offset=0 and length=1024, it is correctly reading - 1 to 1024 - 1KB bytes from file. If you do same call again without changing offset parameter it will read same 1KB bytes.

Documentation from FltReadFile look at ByteOffset parameter documentation.

ByteOffset [in, optional] Pointer to a caller-allocated variable that specifies the starting byte offset within the file where the read operation is to begin.

If this offset is supplied, or if the FLTFL_IO_OPERATION_DO_NOT_UPDATE_BYTE_OFFSET flag is specified in the Flags parameter, FltReadFile does not update the file object's CurrentByteOffset field.

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