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how to get host domain from a string URL?

GetDomain has 1 input "URL", 1 Output "Domain"






INPUT: http://localhost/default.aspx?id=12345
OUTPUT: localhost
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You can use Request object or Uri object to get host of url.

Using Request.Url

string host = Request.Url.Host.ToLower();

Using Uri

Uri myUri = new Uri("");   
string host = myUri.Host;
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Use Uri class and use Host property

Uri url = new Uri(@"");
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Try like this;

Uri.GetLeftPart( UriPartial.Authority )

Defines the parts of a URI for the Uri.GetLeftPart method. --> -->

nntp:// --> nntp://

file://server/filename.ext --> file://server

Uri uriAddress = new Uri("");
Console.WriteLine("The path of this Uri is {0}", uriAddress.GetLeftPart(UriPartial.Authority));


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try following statement

 Uri myuri = new Uri(System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Request.Url.AbsoluteUri);
 string pathQuery = myuri.PathAndQuery;
 string hostName = myuri.ToString().Replace(pathQuery , "");


 Input : http://localhost:4366/Default.aspx?id=notlogin
 Ouput : http://localhost:4366


 Input :
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Try this


It will output

Or try

Uri.GetLeftPart( UriPartial.Authority )
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You should construct your string as URI object and Authority property returns what you need.

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WWW is an alias, so you don't need it if you want a domain. Here is my litllte function to get the real domain from a string

private string GetDomain(string url)
        string[] split = url.Split('.');
        if (split.Length > 2)
            return split[split.Length - 2] + "." + split[split.Length - 1];
            return url;

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The best way, and the right way to do it is using Uri.Authority field

Load and use Uri like so :

Uri NewUri;

if (Uri.TryCreate([string with your Url], UriKind.Absolute, out NewUri))

Input :
Output :

Input :
output :

Input : http://localhost/default.aspx?id=12345
Output : localhost

If you want to manipulate Url, using Uri object is the good way to do it.

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