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I have a project written in C++ that converts a LaTeX formula to a .gif image and I want to use this project as a component in my C# Windows Store application.
How can I do this?

I read but do not understand it. If it is global, what about simple tasks? Is it easy?

I use Mathtex from this article

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It's pretty easy, just create the C++ project as a Windows Runtime Component project or something similar, build it, and add it as a reference from the C# project.

Remember that you need to use C++/CX in order to create classes that can be consumed from C# in a Windows Store app. C++/CX is similar to C++/CLI (managed C++), except that C++/CX is unmanaged and for Windows Store apps, and C++/CLI is managed and for desktop apps. Either way, a normal C++ class can never be consumed from C# (unless it's a COM class, but that's a topic for another discussion).

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