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For my phonegap app, there is actually only one page, the index.html, which is an empty one. All other pages are loaded via ajax calls into the index.html. I want to use google analytics for all ajax views. Is it possible?

What's more, there is no "click" events in my app, as I used touchstart, touchmove, touchend to handle clicks. I wonder if google analytics can work without clicking, touching instead. (as I remember, google analytics can record clicking data for each links)

In summary, my problems are:

  1. window.location doesn't change due to all views are loaded via ajax;
  2. no click events

Will I be able to use google analytics for my PhoneGap app? Thanks for any ideas.

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Yes, there is a Google Analytics plugin you can use for your PhoneGap app.

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Thanks, I'll look at it. –  Leo Cai Jan 8 '13 at 15:47

If you would like to use ga.js within phonegap without a plugin then you can use this https://github.com/ggendre/GALocalStorage

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