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Is it possible in NHibernate to inner join objects during query time with Criteria?

I would like to accomplish something like this:

FROM Person p
INNER JOIN Section s
    ON   p.sid = s.id 
    AND  p.companyid = s.companyid

The join isn't in the mapping (and can't be there). Is there something like the following syntax?

var list = session.CreateCriteria(typeof(Person), "p")
.CreateCriteria(typeof(Section), "s")
.Add(Expression.EqProperty("p.SectionId", "s.Id"))
.Add(Expression.EqProperty("p.CompanyId", "s.CompanyId"))

Is this at all possible? I can't use detachedcriteria here because I have two properties I'm using for joining.

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OK, I figured it out, you can use a detachedquery.

I used the following:

var list = session.CreateCriteria(typeof(Person), "p")
             .Add(Subqueries.PropertyIn("SectionId", typeof(Section), "s")
                    .Add(Expression.EqProperty("s.Id", "p.SectionId"))
                    .Add(Expression.EqProperty("s.CompanyId", "p.CompanyId"))

Which generates an in query which does the same as the inner join.

If you have any "nicer" alternatives, please feel free to share.

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