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I am diving into this stuff for the very first time. All I need to do is that I have an INF file which contains some instructions to copy a file from one directory to another. Here is the INF content


[DestinationDirs] ;used to specify the default destination directory for copy operations
DefaultDestDir = 24,Directory1

[MyInstallSection] ;the installation section that is executed by InstallHinfSection 
CopyFiles = SampleTextCopy ;specifies a copy operation must occur 

sample.txt ;the destination filename

1 = "My Source Directory",/SrcDirectory1 ;source file path - it is relative to directory containing this inf file

sample.txt = 1 ;specifies that source file is sample.txt within dirid 1

I searched over the web to find that dirid 24 refers to "C:\" and I have created a directory "Directory1" within that. So, my destination directory becomes "C:\Directory1". I found that SourceDirectory path is computed relative to directory containing the INF file, in my case, this becomes "C:\Sample-inf\SrcDirectory1". The source directory contains "sample.txt" which I need to copy to destination directory. I am using the following command to achieve this :

>rundll32 setupapi.dll,InstallHinfSection MyInstallSection 132 C:/SAMPLE-INF/MYFIRST.INF

All I get back is a dialog saying Installation failed
Can someone point out where I am going wrong ? Does Windows log this information somewhere with some more info ?

Thanks in advance!

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sysinternals process monitor, filtered for rundll32.exe will show you what IO is attempted & the result –  Alex K. Jan 8 '13 at 11:22

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