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I've got some issues with this code (part of scheduled job in Azure Mobile Services):

    var channelTable = tables.getTable('PushChannels');
        success: function(channels) {
            channels.forEach(function(channel) {
                push.mpns.sendToast(channel.PushChannelUri, {
                    text1: "AppName:",
                    text2: "Update!"
                }, {
                    success: function(pushResponse) {
                        console.log("Push sent");
                    error: function(error) {

My problems are:

  • Push notifications are not arriving device
  • console.logs are not displaying in "Logs" tab

Could someone help me? Kind regards!

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Can you console.log your channels (inside the first success function) to see if you have valid data there? –  carlosfigueira Jan 9 '13 at 0:17
The problem was at previous parts of that code. This code is correct. –  Zozo Jan 10 '13 at 9:05

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The code is correct. Problem was in code before that script. I'm sorry for unnecessary question :(

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