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I have a WCF data service and a wpf client consuming it.

I have surrounded each call to the dataservice in the client with try catch blocks. Here is an example where I create a product.

            Product product = Product.CreateProduct(productName, productNumber);

        catch (DataServiceRequestException dataServiceRequestException)

This all works well - I get an exception for example when the product number already exists. My question is how do I recover in the client when such an exception has been thrown. In other words how do I implement the Handle()-method. If I for example just show a messagebox with the content of the error message, the next time I try to create a product the same error occurs. In other words how do I make the context forget that there was an error. I've been looking for a context.Clear() og context.Forget() but no such method seems to exist.

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The trick was to add a finally-clause, and reinitialize the context.

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