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Mapping over sequence with a constant

I'm trying to do the following (just an example):

(defn f [x param] ( 
  ; do something with "x" AND with "param"
(defn filtered-list [param] (map f ["a" "b" "c"]))
; called later as
(filtered-list 123)
; expected calls are: (f "a" 123), (f "b" 123) and (f "c" 123)

So, I need to find a way to pass param to f, being used by map. Is it possible in Clojure? This feature may also be known as "functional closure".

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Use partial to create a curried function from f with param being passed

(defn f [param x] ( 
  ; do something with "x" AND with "param"

(defn filtered-list [param] (map (partial f param) ["a" "b" "c"]))
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How about using partial?

(defn f [param x]  
    (str param \- x) ;; do something

(defn filtered-list 
    (map (partial f param) ["a" "b" "c"]))

You have to change the order of the parameters of f, though.

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