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I have four classes:

public class A { }
public class B extends A { }
public class C extends B { }
public class D extends B { }

From what I read in the dozer documentation regarding inheritance, it must be pretty straight forward, I need to map super classes to each other, and as well for sub classes. Here is how it looks in the xml:





All these classes are identical, by that I mean D and D are having the same attributes, C and C and so on.

Problem: In the object I am passing to dozer, I have an attribute of type B, which could be initialized by C or D (polymorphism). When dozer gives back the new mapped object, it will always return the attribute type of B to me, and not C or D. How to fix this?

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Please, take a look at the Inheritance Mapping section. You can use such a mapping for a field class with subclasses.

      <a-hint>foo.B, foo.C, foo.D</a-hint>

EDIT: I implement some type of automatically polymorphism feature request. I think, it will be included in the next Dozer release.

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- I think you need an explicit cast.


B b = new C();


//////////Called Method////////////////

public void go(B bx){

    C c = (C) bx;

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well I know this, the problem is how to do it with dozer – Max ZooZoo Jan 9 '13 at 2:14

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