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Hi. I am new to jQuery.. I want to know how to call custom jQuery function by onClick attribute of HTML. This was the basic I was trying.Further I want to make parametrised function and want to call that function onClick attribute.

my jQuery function is:

jQuery.fn.myFadeIn=function() {
    return $('#fadeInDiv').fadeIn();

and the HTML is:

<input type="radio" name="contentCalls" class="radioButton" id="Calls" onclick="myFadeIn();">

<div id="fadeInDiv">
div to open


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This plugin alert()s the ID of each matched element:

jQuery.fn.alertElementId = function()
    return this.each(function()

And to use it:

// alert() each a-element's ID
$("a").click(function ()
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jQuery.fn.myFadeIn=function() { return $('#fadeInDiv').fadeIn(); };


var myFadeIn=function() { return $('#fadeInDiv').fadeIn(); };

(Assuming you are running this in the global scope)

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You need to assign this custom function to some element's click handler, as in:


What is important to note is that the function you have added to jQuery through its jQuery.fn syntax should be available as part of the $ or jQuery JavaScript objects.

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