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If I change Vim's highlight setting, how do I "reload" it for colorschemes to take effect?

So, in my case, I remove highlight's cursor line number

se hl-=N:CursorLineNr

Changing highlight from

highlight=8:SpecialKey,@:NonText,d:Directory,e:ErrorMsg,i:IncSearch,l:Search,m:Mor eMsg,M:ModeMsg,n:LineNr,N:CursorLineNr,r:Question,s:StatusLine,S:StatusLineNC,c:Vert Split,t:Title,v:Visual,V:VisualNOS,w:WarningMsg,W:WildMenu,f:Folded,F:FoldColumn,A:D iffAdd,C:DiffChange,D:DiffDelete,T:DiffText,>:SignColumn,-:Conceal,B:SpellBad,P:Spel lCap,R:SpellRare,L:SpellLocal,+:Pmenu,=:PmenuSel,x:PmenuSbar,X:PmenuThumb,*:TabLine, #:TabLineSel,_:TabLineFill,!:CursorColumn,.:CursorLine,o:ColorColumn


highlight=8:SpecialKey,@:NonText,d:Directory,e:ErrorMsg,i:IncSearch,l:Search,m:Mor eMsg,M:ModeMsg,n:LineNr,r:Question,s:StatusLine,S:StatusLineNC,c:VertSplit,t:Title,v :Visual,V:VisualNOS,w:WarningMsg,W:WildMenu,f:Folded,F:FoldColumn,A:DiffAdd,C:DiffCh ange,D:DiffDelete,T:DiffText,>:SignColumn,-:Conceal,B:SpellBad,P:SpellCap,R:SpellRar e,L:SpellLocal,+:Pmenu,=:PmenuSel,x:PmenuSbar,X:PmenuThumb,*:TabLine,#:TabLineSel,_: TabLineFill,!:CursorColumn,.:CursorLine,o:ColorColumn

(I've emphasized the change.)

But the cursor line number is still "highlighted"!

Changing highlight doesn't update the colorscheme—so how do I "force" an update? I've tried setting syntax coloring off then on again and changing colorschemes to no avail.

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Why would you want to modify this mapping to highlight groups during runtime? –  Ingo Karkat Jan 8 '13 at 11:50
If you remove something from this option, Vim will just use defaults. It won’t stop highlighting this thing. But if you change option to use another highlighting group, changes will be seen immediately. –  ZyX Jan 8 '13 at 21:18
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If you want to reset/clear a highlight-group, you could use :hi cmd.

in your case, try with:

:hi CursorLineNr NONE   #this will disable the hl setting for the given group

:hi clear CursorLineNr  #this will set the given group's highlight setting to default.

:h hi to see detail

if you want to reload your colorscheme, you could :color xxx

hope it helps

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Bingo. That does the trick –  user1569050 Jan 8 '13 at 12:01
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