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I have two arrays: in one i inserted all the Questions ID's from my SELECT and in the other array i want insert the sames ID'S but NON repetead this time. My code in the second array don't works and i don't know why. I can't use DISTINCT in my SELECT because don't works (rows are diferents) and i don't wanna use two selects for this.

 $query_slidersanswers= "SELECT A.QuestionIDFK, A.AnswerIDPK, A.AnswerValue, A.SortOrder
                        FROM tblquestionset AS QS
                          INNER JOIN tblquestion AS Q ON QS.QuestionIDFKPK = Q.QuestionIDPK
                          INNER JOIN tblanswer AS A ON Q.QuestionIDPK = A.QuestionIDFK
                        WHERE QS.QuestionSetIDPK = '0' 
                          AND QS.OnPage = '1' 
                          AND Q.Constructor = '".$_session['slider']."'";

$Query_Sliders= mysql_query($query_slidersanswers);         

$currentQuestionID= 0;

    $QuestionID=$row_Slider['QuestionIDFK'] ;
    $AnswerID=$row_Slider['AnswerIDPK'] ;
    $AnswerValue=$row_Slider['AnswerValue'] ;
    $SortOrder=$row_Slider['SortOrder'] ;

   $tableslidersqid[] = array($QuestionID);

   if($QuestionID != $currentQuestionID){
   //I DO THIS FOR OBTAIN other array with THE UNIQUES ID'S (non repeated)

    $tableslidersREALqid[] = array($QuestionID);
    $CurrentQuestionID = $QuestionID;

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you can try GROUP BY A.QuestionIDFK – anuj arora Jan 8 '13 at 11:14
i dont want change the select , i need both arrays. – user1901142 Jan 8 '13 at 11:18

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Suppose that your array for question id is as below

$input = array( "19", "55", "19", "55", "78" );
$result = array_unique($input);

The above example will output:

   [0] => 19
   [1] => 55
   [4] => 78

array_unique($array) will detect the same values in the array and only give the first occured value, rest are skipped.



   $QuestionID[]=$row_Slider['QuestionIDFK']; //used $QuestionID[], instead of $QuestionID

   //$AnswerID=$row_Slider['AnswerIDPK'] ;
   //$AnswerValue=$row_Slider['AnswerValue'] ;
   //$SortOrder=$row_Slider['SortOrder'] ;

  //$tableslidersqid[] = array($QuestionID);

  //if($QuestionID != $currentQuestionID){
     //$tableslidersREALqid[] = array($QuestionID);
     //$CurrentQuestionID = $QuestionID;

$result = array_unique($QuestionID); //make array unique here, after all the ids are in the array
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I like your idea but i dont no why dont works , if i put $tableslidersREALqid[] =array_unique($tableslidersqid); out of the while only insert the first , and if i put $input = array($QuestionID); inside of the while and after (out) : tableslidersREALqid[] =array_unique($input); dont works too,only inserted the last.why? – user1901142 Jan 8 '13 at 11:47
i have edited my code using your codes. I have used $QuestionID[]. – anuj arora Jan 8 '13 at 11:59
I've seen it . Now i understand why dont works with my code. Thanks! – user1901142 Jan 8 '13 at 12:29

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