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I have two keys A and B and their existence in the document is mutually exclusive. I have to group by A when A exists and group by B when B exists. So I am $projecting the required value into a computed key called MyKey on which I'll perform a $group. But it looks like I'm screwing the syntax. I tried writing $project in two ways:

{$project: {MyKey: {$cond: [{$exists: ["$A", true]}, "$A", "$B"]}}}


{$project: {MyKey: {$cond: [{"A": {$exists:true}}, "$A", "$B"]}}}

But I keep getting the error:

{ "errmsg" : "exception: invalid operator '$exists'", "code" : 15999, "ok" : 0 } ...

What's going wrong?

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Use $ifNull instead of $cond in your $project:

{ $project: {MyKey: {$ifNull: ['$A', '$B'] }}}

If A exists and is not null its value will be used; otherwise the value of B is used.

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Thanks again! :-) I wasted so much time on this.. –  Aafreen Sheikh Jan 8 '13 at 15:36

I found your questions while looking for a similar problem, but insted of a key, I was looking for my paramters. I finally solved the isssue.

This is what I used form my $_id.status parameter, to check that if it exists inside the cond.

$cond: [{
     $or: [{
          $ne: ["$_id.status", null]
}, 1, null]

$or is not needed, I keep it there... just for fun, I don't think it affects the query that much for the moment. I will test the speed later.

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