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I am a coffeescript newbee want to use multiple jquery sliders on one clientside view. I want to use the slide event for several functions. The slider displays, the value is shown at start, the slider is usable, but the event is not used.

class Slider  
 constructor: (@min, @max, @value, @id) ->
   d3.select(@id).attr("style", "width: 500px; margin: 15px;")
   @myslider = $(@id).slider
     min: @min
     max: @max
     value: @value
  slide: @slideme

 slideme: (event, ui) =>
   $(@id +"_data").val(@value)

$(document).ready ->
  slider1 = new Slider(0,800,100,'#testslider')

What do I need to do have the value of the slide shown in the html when using the slider?

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Your indentation is off. This:

slide: @slideme

should be this:

  slide: @slideme


$(@id).bind slide: @slideme

or my personal favorite:

$(@id).bind(slide: @slideme)

CoffeeScript is very sensitive to whitespace and formatting, your formatting defines most of your code's structure so you must be careful and consistent; you're mixing one and two spaces for you indentation, that will cause nothing but trouble.

Your original code:

constructor: (@min, @max, @value, @id) ->
 slide: @slideme

will be seen like this:

constructor: (@min, @max, @value, @id) ->

slide: @slideme

So your slide: @slideme argument that is intended for bind will look like another property for the class and it will end up as this JavaScript:

Slider.prototype.slide = Slider.slideme;

Paste your code into the TRY COFFEESCRIPT panel at coffeescript.org and you'll see what it thinks your CoffeeScript means.

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Hi, thanks for the fast feedback. The indentation was off, but more through pasting in it here than in the original. The '$(@id).bind(slide: @slideme)' now leads to this error: TypeError: this.id is not a function, so the slider does not update the value. – tbecker Jan 8 '13 at 19:19
What is @id inside slideme? Are you sure that function looks like $(@id + "_data").val(@value) and not $(@id "_data").val(@value)? – mu is too short Jan 8 '13 at 20:36
The right answer is '"#{@id}_data"' for the problem, since I wanted to combine the strings. The data is now updated. My code looks now like this: ' slideme: (event, ui) => @value=@myslider.slider("value") $("#{@id}_data").val(@value)' where the value is updated before it is send to the datafield. Thanks for the hints - @mu is too short – tbecker Jan 9 '13 at 13:21

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