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I was sending email from my Java EE application. For testing I sent too many emails to my office email address. Now the server has blocked the email address and no body is receiving that domain. How can I unblock the email address. Should I contact IT to unblock the domain from the exchange server or I can do it from my end. (There is no problem with the application as I have tested with yahoo, gmail, live, etc). Thanks in advance

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This is not a programming-related question. It's either about outlook server administration (then it belongs to or about how to use Microsoft Outlook ( – Philipp Jan 8 '13 at 11:52
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It wont be possible to unblock your email address programmatically. You need to contact Admin ( who monitors server).

And next time, make sure you are not spamming any email server (as it goes with all other email clients )

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Contact your IT Department and then use an external email for testing

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