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I have one problem is there. How to compare 2 date and time

enter code here
if(fromdate< && todate>={

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The java.util.Date object contains methods .before(), .after and .equals() for comparing dates.

if((fromdate.before(nowDt) || fromDate.equals(nowDt)) 
    && ((todate.after(nowDt) || toDate.equals(nowDt))

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A function to compare two date and time:

public static int compareTwoDates(Date date1, Date date2) {
        if (date1 != null && date2 != null) {
            int retVal = date1.compareTo(date2);

            if (retVal > 0)
                return 1; // date1 is greatet than date2
            else if (retVal == 0) // both dates r equal
                return 0;

        return -1; // date1 is less than date2

You can use it where you want to. Result will be > 0 if date1 > date2, = 0 if date1 = date2, < 0 if date1 < date2. Hope it helps.

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I know this is a relatively old answer, but why not just return date1.compareTo(date2)? Wouldn't that yield the same results? – hadez30 May 21 '15 at 15:51

- Use Joda Time library to do this....


Date ds = new Date();
DateTime d = new DateTime(ds);

DateTime e = new DateTime(2012,12,07, 0, 0);


///////////////////////////// OR

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Try this one out to find time difference

  Calendar Day = Calendar.getInstance();
  Day.set(Calendar.YEAR, 1985);

  Calendar today = Calendar.getInstance();

  long diff = today.getTimeInMillis() - Day.getTimeInMillis();
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You can write

long nowTime = System.currentTimeMillis();
if(fromdate.getTime() <= nowTime && nowTime <= todate.getTime()) {

or you can write

Date nowDate = new Date();
if(fromdate.compareTo(nowDate) * nowDate.compareTo(todate) >= 0) {


if(!fromdate.after(nowDate) && !todate.before(nowDate))
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use this answer

if((options.FromDate.before(now_Date)||options.FromDate.equals(now_Date)) && (options.ToDate.after(now_Date)|| options.ToDt.equals(now_Date)) ){

do some processs........
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You might want to explain why? – Ben Mar 16 '13 at 12:14

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