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I have an iOS application that has a TestFlight build scheme. In this scheme I have setup an environment variable called TESTFLIGHT with a value of 1 set in the "Run" tab. Also, in the "Profile" tab of the build scheme it has the "Use the RUn action's arguments and variables" option checked, and I see the appropriate EV in the list.

This works just fine when running the app from Xcode, but when I make an archive and run the app on my device the Environment Variable TESTFLIGHT is not present. My question is there an option/scheme tab that I'm missing here?

The EV is set on the "Run" tab and is selected for the debug build configuration. Do I need to change this to release?

Thank you all!

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Environments variable are set only if you run the app from Xcode. If you run the same app from the device directly by taping the icon, they won't be set. They are not part of the app. As their name imply, they are part of the environment, that Xcode sets up specifically before running them. (If you were developing on the Mac, you could set them in a shell before launching an executable, but that is not possible on the iPhone.)

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Thanks for your explanation. What I am trying todo is have a build scheme that I can use to build for TestFlight deployment that will have the app use a development URL to pull data from, and then have another build scheme for production that will use the production URL when the app runs. Any suggestions how this could be implemented? –  miken.mkndev Jan 8 '13 at 17:21
Use preprocessor macros. In your target Build Settings, you need to create a new Build Configuration "TestFlight" (by default there are "Debug" and "Release"), then in Preprocessor Macros, add a new macro (for instance TESTFLIGHT=1) for the configuration "TestFlight". In your code, use preprocessor instructions like #ifdef TESTFLIGHT ... #else ... #endif. In your schemes, you can choose the "TestFlight" build configuration in the "Info" tab for action you want. –  Guillaume Jan 8 '13 at 21:30
(To create the Build Configuration, you need to select the project, then look at the Info tab.) –  Guillaume Jan 8 '13 at 21:38
Sweet..yeah I got that part figured out and worked correctly. Thanks for the help! –  miken.mkndev Jan 8 '13 at 22:01

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