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Despite using the Dojo build system, my app is still including a large number of javascript files which I would have hoped to be covered by the build.

Here's my build profile:

var profile = (function(){
    return {
        basePath: "./",
        releaseDir: "release",
        action: "release",
        selectorEngine: "acme",
        cssOptimize: "comments.keepLines",

            name: "dojo",
            location: "dojo"
            name: "dijit",
            location: "dijit"
            name: "dojox",
            location: "dojox"
            name: "my",
            location: "my"

        layers: {
            "my/admin": {
                include: ['dojo/ready', 'dojo/dom', 'dojo/query', 'dojo/request/xhr', 'my/Form', 'my/Tree/Radio']

The app is still including the following JS files on each request: my/Form.js (even though this is listed in the profile), dojo/fx/Toggler.js, dijit/_base.js, dijit/WidgetSet.js, dijit/_base/focus.js, dijit/_base/place.js, dijit/place.js, dijit/_base/popup.js, dijit/popup.js, dijit/BackgroundIframe.js, dijit/_base/scroll.js, dijit/_base/sniff.js, dijit/_base/typematic.js, dijit/typematic.js, dijit/_base/wai.js, dijit/_base/window.js.

my/Tree/Radio extends dijit/Tree, so I'm assuming a lot of the files above are dijit base files that are being loaded automatically by dijit.Tree. But surely the build tool should resolve dependencies like this and include them in the 'built' file?

I am using Dojo 1.8.3.

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In dojo/fx, it dynamically looks up the Toggler with the comment

use indirection so modules not rolled into a build

Not sure why, but if you add dojo/fx/Toggler to the include of your build script, it should not make the additional xhr requests.

EDIT: Apparently dijit/Widget does something similar with dijit/_base, so you will want to add that to the includes as well.


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Thanks! Adding dijit/_base and dojo/fx/Toggler to the profile has removed all of those extra requests, so I've accepted this answer. The only one that's still getting loaded separately is my/Form.js (even though that's listed in the build), so if you have any thoughts on that it would be appreciated. –  Tim Fountain Jan 15 '13 at 9:40
I don't see anything that stands out with what you have posted. I would look at the build log to see if there is a reason it might not include it. –  Craig Swing Jan 15 '13 at 15:57

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