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Suppose I have an online shopping system and many users are registered to it. I want a feature that when I add a new product or there's a promotion for a particular product, my Google plus page gets updated in the sense that the details of the product are published there automatically. It will only be used for back-office purpose.

The problem is that I cannot share on the Business Page, it gets posted on my user profile.

How can I achieve posting on google plus page via a web application?

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Currently, you would need to use a third party social media management tool to achieve this in an automated manner. I've tried Hootsuite and it appears to work with a standard account.

If the number of products that you add is not high in volume, you could manually share by using the site and switching to use your page as the poster.

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Set the page free as a standalone account

Apparently Pages may now (since when I don't know) have their umbilical cords severed, and set free to stand on their own two feet.

The process involves setting a password for the Page (via the Page's settings) that allows it to be signed into and out of rather than simply managed.

This should allow Shares to be made (and other G+ actions such as +1ing) from around the web as the Page instead of as the profile that created it.

See an article on from Oct 2014 for some details, and an article on from Mar 2014 (cited by the former) for some more.

P.S. The "apparently" and "should" are due to my not having walked through the process myself yet.

P.P.S. (done it now) Easy and works.

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