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I use php built-in webserver to debug locally my websites.

php -S localhost:8080

Sometimes if something is wrong I have a generic 500 error in stdout and I don't understand where is the problem. [500]: /dashboard

Is there a method to have a more descriptive error like the error.log?


My error was


instead of


In a PHTML view in my Zend Framework 2 App

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switch on display_errors and error_reporting in your PHP.ini file, and you should get the errors showing up in the browser. –  SDC Jan 8 '13 at 12:48
I tried this but doesn't worked. My error was $this->userDisplayName() instead of $this->zfcUserDisplayName() in a phtml view in my zend framework 2 app I don't know why PHP didn't show the error –  ThisIsTheWeb Jan 8 '13 at 13:53

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I honestly haven't worked with the php built-in feature yet, so I have no experience and nuch much clue but... in apache you set your LogLevel directive to debug... so how about trying these settings in php.ini

display_errors: On
error_reporting: E_ALL
log_errors: On
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This was a bug of the current Zend Framework stable version (2.0.6)

I have updated my project to developer branch (dev-master) and now it work correctly. I have a correct stacktrace for each error.

Link to the issue: https://github.com/zendframework/zf2/issues/2991

Thanks to all

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