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I'm creating an "object" via Facebook's Open Graph. Obviously it's assigned a unique URL within my application (e.g., and I'm injecting the relevant OG meta tags. All fine, and I can then "attach" a "Like" button and Facebook comments.

However those user-created objects are generated from within a Facebook application - which happens to "live" under the same domain (e.g. and that object has its own page within the Facebook application (e.g.

Thus, that same object has effectively two unique URLs. The "external" one is the one I use to identify it, but I also want to have a "Like" button and Facebook comments on that page. It doesn't seem to accept a URL in, say, the fb-like DIV and corresponding og:url meta tag that doesn't match the URl it's housed on.

Is there any way around this - or do I need to do something like a redirect when calling the page from within the Facebook app, or some sort of clever template switching?

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Lukas, do you make seperate pages for each object? Or do you do them dynamically? (the action calling url) – Fahim Akhter Feb 1 '13 at 16:38

Just set the og:url meta tag value for both URLs to the one URL you want to be the “actual” URL of the object.

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