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i'm using vb6 to build an ActiveX to process image with resize / crop operation.

about crop image, the marjor method is place two picture boxes, then

Form1.Picture2.PaintPicture Form1.Picture1.Image, 0, 0, wid, hgt, m_X1, m_Y1, wid, hgt

is ok when in exe project, but in activex, is rasing error with 'ASP 0115' C0000005 (using in ASP classic), so how can I fix this problem? or is there another way to crop image in vb6, thanks!

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finnaly, i'm using GdipCloneBitmapAreaI to realize image croping cause the project using gdi+ then had better to keep it, but i still thanx that your suggest about WIA 2.0, it looks using it is quite easy, i'll try it in next time, thanks again. btw, why you post your reply not answer but comment, so i can tag your reply as this question's answer;) –  user1928432 Jan 9 '13 at 9:44

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If you are after a way to do this in classic ASP, you might take a look at the WIA 2.0 Automation Library. This is part of Vista and later and until recently you could download a redist version for back-porting into the now-near-death WinXP (SP1 or later). Scaling and cropping are just two of the things you can use this for.

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