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I need to find a TD (lowest level) that contains a hyperlink text value. For example:

  <a href....>Hours</a>

I would like to use jQuery to obtain the element and right justify the hyperlink text. Here is what I am using (Obviously does not work).

$('td').filter(function(index) { return $(this).text().contains("Hours"); }).attr('style', "text-align:'right'");   
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There's a dedicated selector in jQuery : :contains

$('td:contains("Hours")').attr('style', "text-align:'right'");

As I'm not sure of your question ("hyperlink" ?), if you're trying to get links in a table whose href contains "Hours", you can do this :

$('td a[href~="Hours"]').attr('style', "text-align:'right'");

EDIT : after having formatted the question, I think the second part is useless.

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