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I am querying a database from a bash script using following query:-

Output = echo "$QUERY_STR" | mysql -h $DB_HOST -u $DB_USER -p$DB_PASS $DB_NAME   

it gives me the required output which I save in a Variable

However when I echo $output I do not get proper formatted output like in command line of mysql query.

Read one of the post to use -t in the query however for large data set it does not give proper output.

To work around it, I am saving the output in a .csv file.

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To maintain all the whitespace that is indeed kept in the variable's value, it is crucial to double-quote the variable:

echo "$output"

Also, you cannot have whitespace around the equal sign in a variable assignment:

output=$(mysql ... <<< "$QUERY_STR")
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Thanks Glen this worked. – Ruchir Bharadwaj Jan 9 '13 at 6:09

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