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How do I convert turn around time written in an Excel cell as (0D/1H/6), meaning 0 days, 1 hour and 6 minutes to minutes only in another or adjacent Excel cell. I would like to automate that to make the conversion easy. Thanks.

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It is possible using some string functions. The code below calculates the minutes, given a cell (A1 in this case) with a string formatted the way you specified:

=VALUE(LEFT(A1;FIND("D/";A1)-1))*24*60 + VALUE(MID(A1;FIND("D/";A1)+2;FIND("H/";A1)-FIND("D/";A1)-2))*60 + VALUE(RIGHT(A1;LEN(A1)-FIND("H/";A1)-1))

For instance, in your case "0D/1H/6" gives 66.

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As I dont think thats a format Excel natively understands I would use a VBA formula for this.

Alt+F11, Insert -> Module & add

Public Function TOMINS(value As String) As Long
    Dim parts() As String: parts = Split(value, "/")
    If (UBound(parts) = 2) Then
        TOMINS = Val(parts(0)) * 1440
        TOMINS = TOMINS + Val(parts(1)) * 60
        TOMINS = TOMINS + Val(parts(2))
    End If
End Function

Then if the value is in A1 & you want the minutes in B1, make B1 =TOMINS(A1)

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