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I am trying to create a .dll file from my header and library files that I got from tngaming for their gaming vest.

So far I've been using this guide, but instead of creating a new header file I added my tngaming file to the folder where the header files are located and then added it to the folder inside visual studio by using "Add existing item."

Afterwards I used the properties -> linker -> input where I added my lib file which also seems to work fine.

Then inside the tngaming.cpp i added the line

#include "tngaming.h"

Now it is possible to build my .dll, but it does not work. When I look at it, there are\ lines that says stuff like "stack memory corrupted" and so on.

Am I creating my .dll correctly or am Idoing something wrong? How do I actually create my .dll?

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any error message? – ray_linn Jan 8 '13 at 13:11
When i compile it comes with the error that it cannot run, but it shouldnt be able to since theres no main method as i understand? Other than that it doesnt seem like theres any exceptions. Sorry if im a bit noobish but first time i play around with this. – Drakthal Jan 8 '13 at 13:13
Messages about "stack corruption" do not have anything to do with building. You have a bug in your code, most typically caused by writing an array past its end. Common with a C string for example. You'll need to fix your code. The error message tells you where to look. – Hans Passant Jan 8 '13 at 15:04
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Ended up finding a guy that had the same problem as myself and fixed it so problem solved. Anyone else getting into that problem can look at

Thanks for the help though

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