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I recently updated to Eclipse Juno and therefore to Scala 2.10 as well. I had code that worked perfectly before, however, after the update I get a "too many arguments for constructor Array" error for this line:

var labyrinth = new Array[Array[Cell]](lines.length, lines.apply(0).length);

It should represent a two-dimensional array. I wonder what the problem is, since it's been working before. When I run the project (ignoring the error) it doesn't compile and it gives me a "class not found" exception.

I'm running Eclipse Juno with Scala 2.10 on OSX Lion.

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Creating arrays with constructor was depreacted since scala 2.8. You should use Array.ofDim[Cell](lines.length, lines.apply(0).length) instead.

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Awesome, this solved it. Thanks a bunch! –  johnny Jan 8 '13 at 14:10

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