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So, I am working on a JSP project where I have a user login that pulls information from the MYSQL database.

I have a table called menu which contains menuid, name, info, price and restaurantid.

When I login I am able to see the menuid, name, info and price.

The problem is when I need to add a menu. When I click to add menu I can add name, info, and price, since the menuid is auto increment, but I need to add the restaurantid as well and I dont want it.

What I am trying to do is when I login the restaurantid should be added automatically according to the user that is logged in when a he adds a menu.

How can I do that?

Here is my adding to the database in JSP:

        MenuId = request.getParameter("MenuId");
        Name = request.getParameter("Name");
        Info = request.getParameter("Info");
        Resturants_ResturantID = request.getParameter("Resturants_ResturantID");

        menu_price1 = request.getParameter("Price");
        if (menu_price1 != null || !"".equals(menu_price1))
            Price = Double.parseDouble(menu_price1);

        pstmt = con
                .prepareStatement("Insert into menu(MenuId,Name,Info,Price,Resturants_ResturantID) values(?,?,?,?,?)");
        pstmt.setString(1, MenuId);
        pstmt.setString(2, Name);
        pstmt.setString(3, Info);
        pstmt.setDouble(4, Price);
        pstmt.setString(5, Resturants_ResturantID);

        session.setAttribute("menu", "Menu added successfully");

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You can keep the restaurantId of the logged in user into the user session and add it into your insert statement when you add a menu.

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How can I create this session? – router805 Jan 8 '13 at 13:37
looks to me you already use the session in your jsp snippet above since you do session.setAttribute("menu", "Menu added successfully");. You can add the restaurant id also I guess: session.setAttribute("Resturants_ResturantID", Resturants_ResturantID); – frederikdebacker Jan 8 '13 at 14:14

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