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I'm trying to create a note taking web app that will simply store notes client side using HTML5 local storage. I think JSON is the way to do it but unsure how to go about it.

I have a simple form set up with a Title and textarea. Is there a way I can submit the form and store the details entered with several "notes" then list them back?

I'm new to Javascript and JSON so any help would be appreciated.

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Did you check out ? – Felix Kling Jan 8 '13 at 13:25

there are many ways to use json.

1> u can create a funciton on HTML page and call ajax & post data. here you have to use $("#txtboxid").val(). get value and post it.

2> use knock out js to bind two way.and call ajax.

here is simple code to call web app. using ajax call.

var params = { "clientID": $("#txtboxid") };     

            type: "POST",
            url: "http:localhost/Services/LogisticsAppSuite.svc/Json/GetAllLevelSubClients",
            contentType: 'application/json',

            data: JSON.stringify(params),
            dataType: 'json',
            async: false,
            cache: false,
            success: function (response) {

            error: function (ErrorResponse) {

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I have written a lib that works just like entity framework. I WILL put it here later, you can follow me there or contact me to get the source code now. Then you can write js code like:

var DemoDbContext = function(){ // define your db;
    this.notes=new; // define your table
//todo: make DemoDbContext implement
var Notes = function(){;"";
//todo: make Note implement

How to query data?

var notes = new DemoDbContext().notes.toArray(function(data){});

How to add a note to db?

var db = new DemoDbContext();
db.notes.add(new Note(...));
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here is a full sample: – Leo Cai Jan 8 '13 at 14:47

Depending on the complexity of the information you want to store you may not need JSON.

You can use the setItem() method of localStorage in HTML5 to save a key/value pair on the client-side. You can only store string values with this method but if your notes don't have too complicated a structure, this would probably be the easiest way. Assuming this was some HTML you were using:

<input type="text" id="title"></input>
<textarea id="notes"></textarea>

You could use this simple Javascript code to store the information:

// on trigger (e.g. clicking a save button, or pressing a key)
localStorage.setItem('title', document.getElementById('title').value);
localStorage.setItem('textarea', document.getElementById('notes').value);

You would use localStorage.getItem() to retrieve the values.

Here is a simple JSFiddle I created to show you how the methods work (though not using the exact same code as above; this one relies on a keyup event).

The only reason you might want to use JSON, that I can see, is if you needed a structure with depth to your notes. For example you might want to attach notes with information like the date they were written and put them in a structure like this:

    'title': {
    'notes': {

That would be JSON. But bear in mind that the localStorage.setItem() method only accepts string values, you would need to turn the object into a string to do that and then convert it back when retrieving it with localStorage.getItem(). The methods JSON.stringify will do the object-to-string transformation and JSON.parse will do the reverse. But as I say this conversion means extra code and is only really worth it if your notes need to be that complicated.

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