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I have this two commands in SoX:

  rec -V3 output.wav trim 0 50 
  sox output.wav out.wav trim 0 10 : newfile : restart

I need to do this work but in only one command line.

I need the recorded file "output.wav" to be trimmed into several files of 10 sec.

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You can combine them via a pipe, like this:

rec -p trim 0 50 | sox -p out.wav trim 0 10 : newfile : restart

The -p option is shorthand for -t sox -, i.e. write to stdout/read from stdin using SoX’s internal format.

In this particular case, you could also unroll the restart loop and do it in one invocation, like this:

rec out.wav trim 0 10 : newfile : trim 0 10 : newfile : trim 0 10 : newfile : trim 0 10 : newfile : trim 0 10

That’s not always possible, of course.

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